Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP)

Project Updates

  • January 2022 Update

    Stubbs Street

    New energy efficient LED street lighting has been installed and connected to the electrical grid along Stubbs Street off Paramatta Road.

    Aerial power and telecommunication cables have been removed and new cables installed underground.

    Redundant electrical infrastructure such as power poles will be removed in February 2022 in conjunction with new concrete footpath works.

    Melton Street

    In January 2022 it is anticipated the changeover from overhead aerial power to underground power will occur along Melton Street.

    Following the changeover concrete footpath works will be finalised.

    Parramatta Road
    The electrical design for the relocation of aerial power underground has been submitted to the energy authority for their assessment and approval.

    Below you can see an example of the new energy efficient street lighting. North view of Stubbs Street, corner of Parramatta Road.