Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP)

To improve Auburn’s liveability, the NSW Government has awarded Cumberland Council $27million to improve public spaces and begin the rejuvenation to enhance it as a place to live, shop and do business. This grant is part of a wider program to revitalise public spaces along the Parramatta Road corridor (PRUAIP). The following four (4) amenity improvement projects within the Cumberland City Council Local Government Area were identified:

  1. Open Space: Extension of Auburn Park
  2. New Public Open Space: Stubbs Street Streetscape
  3. Parramatta Road Public Domain Improvements
  4. Melton Street M4 pedestrian cycleway overpass upgrade

This is part of the State Government's 30-year strategic plan to transform the Parramatta Road corridor. The Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Strategy (PRUTS) will bring a coordinated approach to development inside the Parramatta Road corridor.

NSW Government is proudly funding Cumberland City Council with grant funding to deliver the projects.

Map of Parramatta Road upgrade site

Parramatta Road Project – March 2024 update

Macquarie Road artwork

Installation of new decorative artwork on the footpath of Macquarie Road will commence in April 2024. The artwork entitled Future Message is made up of a series of designs painted onto the footpath. The design is a pixel art-style piece featuring a series of large emojis and text reminiscent of 2000s video games and modern-day emoticons. Western Sydney artists Gillian Kayrooz and Kalanjay Dhir worked with students from Auburn Girls High School in the development of the work. Collaborating closely with the lead artists and guest contributors - writer and poet Sara Mansour and artist and digital illustrator Emma Pham - the students created their own unique emojis to complement the collective 'future message'. These personalised emojis, integrated with a meaningful message, aim to inspire both students and the wider community during their daily walks to and from school, creating a community-driven artwork with genuine significance.

Installation Works

Installation will commence in early April, with the footpath to be cleaned, painted, and then dried. Artworks will be installed on the pedestrian footpath along Macquarie Road between Simpson Street and Parramatta Road, outside approximately number 46 to number 62 Macquarie Road. This will require Council to temporarily restrict access to the footpath on the Western side of Macquarie Road, with use of the alternate footpath on the Eastern side of Macquarie Road required for short periods. Pedestrian management will be in place to assist with pedestrian access during the period of works. Vehicular access to driveways in the works area will not be impacted.

Artist impression of Future Message artwork

Parramatta Road Project - November 2023 update

Updates on Macquarie Road, Melton Street and Parramatta Road works.

Project Details

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