Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP)

Map of Parramatta Road upgrade site

To improve Auburn’s liveability, the NSW Government has awarded Cumberland Council $27million to improve public spaces and begin the rejuvenation to enhance it as a place to live, shop and do business.

October 2022 update:

The image gallery has been new additions

  • Photos of the upgrades to Melton Street
  • Pavement artwork in Adderley Street now has colours added to highlight the images

August 2022 update:

Proposed Macquarie Road project

Council is seeking feedback about the proposal to upgrade the footpath of Macquarie Road from Parramatta Road to Simpson Street Auburn.

To find out more information about the proposed works, and to have your say, see the Macqarie Road Project page. The consultation period will end on 25 August 2022.


Stubbs Street project

  • Civil and landscape works are completed.
  • Project status is 99% complete

Melton Street project

  • Civil and landscape works are completed.
  • Artwork for Melton Street has been commissioned for early 2023 delivery.
  • Project status is 90% complete

Parramatta Road project

  • Detail Design completed
  • Approvals have been received from Ausgrid.
  • Awaiting approvals from TfNSW
  • Project status is 20% complete

June 2022 update:

Pavement stamped with artwork and indigenous wordsDecorative pavement has been applied in Adderley Street. You can view images in the gallery.

April 2022 update:

Consultation is open for the next 28 days on the Auburn Park extension.  This relates to identified area 1: Open Space: Extension of Auburn Park.

For more information, see the Auburn Park Extension consultation page.

January 2022 update:

Stubbs Street

New energy efficient LED street lighting has been installed and connected to the electrical grid along Stubbs Street off Paramatta Road.

Aerial power and telecommunication cables have been removed and new cables installed underground.

Redundant electrical infrastructure such as power poles will be removed in February 2022 in conjunction with new concrete footpath works.

In January 2022 it is anticipated the changeover from overhead aerial power to underground power will occur along Melton Street.

Following the changeover concrete footpath works will be finalised.

August 2021 update:

In line with the updated NSW Government Public Health Order, work will recommence on the Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP) site from Monday 23 August. Work will progress following the requirements stipulated for Construction Sites by the NSW Government.

July 2021 update:

In compliance with the NSW Government Public Health Order, all work has ceased on the Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP) site from Monday 19 July. Once the Public Health Orders are updated and work is permitted to restart, the work completion dates will be revised accordingly. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by delays during this time.

Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Project (PRUAIP) 2020

To improve Auburn’s liveability, the NSW Government has awarded Cumberland Council $27million to improve public spaces and begin the rejuvenation to enhance it as a place to live, shop and do business. This grant is part of a wider program to revitalise public spaces along the Parramatta Road corridor (PRUAIP). The following four (4) amenity improvement projects within the Cumberland City Council Local Government Area were identified:

  1. Open Space: Extension of Auburn Park
  2. New Public Open Space: Stubbs Street Streetscape
  3. Parramatta Road Public Domain Improvements
  4. Melton Street M4 pedestrian cycleway overpass upgrade

This is part of the State Government's 30-year strategic plan to transform the Parramatta Road corridor. The Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Strategy (PRUTS) will bring a coordinated approach to development inside the Parramatta Road corridor.

NSW Government is proudly funding Cumberland City Council with grant funding to deliver the projects.

Council intends to call for tenders for these three projects in August 2020 with intention for the project to commence in October 2020. The staging of construction works will be determined upon receipt of tender offers and in consultation with the successful contractor.

All residents and business within the affected areas will be notified prior to the commencement of construction works.

Scope of works

The scope of works includes the following:

Open Space: Extension of Auburn Park
Auburn Park is a popular open space and is heavily used by the local community, the adjacent Auburn Girls High School and sporting clubs. It is currently degraded with areas that are poorly connected. The purchase of additional land will provide the opportunity to extend Auburn Park to the west and provide improved connections with Karrabah Road to provide recreational facilities such as multipurpose courts, fitness equipment, BBQs and picnic facilities. Funding is for the purchase of land only with embellishments provided by Council.

Stubbs Street Streetscape Upgrades
Stubbs Street provides a major vehicle connection from Parramatta Road in the south to Silverwater industrial and residential community over the M4. The streetscape will be improved for the benefit of pedestrians and cyclists with new footpaths, street tree planting in blisters and painted symbols for on road cyclists. New pedestrian ramps will also be provided with new turf adjacent the footpaths to improve the overall visual amenity.

Parramatta Road Public Domain Improvements
Creation of a more pleasant environment for pedestrians through tree planting to create shade and a sense of separation from vehicles, as well as new footpath, street furniture, signage, undergrounding of power and upgraded lighting.

Melton Street M4 pedestrian cycleway overpass upgrade
Melton Street overpass forms an important pedestrian and cycle connection between Auburn in the south and Silverwater in the north. It also provides an important connection for students to access Auburn North Public School and Auburn Girls High School. Currently the overpass has some major issues with safety particularly where the ramps terminate at the street edges. It is proposed to install blisters to both sides of Adderley Street West to calm traffic at the pedestrian crossing at Melton Street South and provide improved access to the Public School as well as the overpass to Parramatta Road. Blisters are also proposed on Deakin Street with a new pedestrian crossing at the northern ramp to the M4 overpass.

Public Art
As part of upgrades, there is the opportunity to enhance the urban environment through streetscaping and public art.

The project stages are:

  • Stage 1 – Calling for tender: August 2020
  • Stage 2 – Projects commence: November 2020
  • Stage 3 – Construction completion: to be confirmed (pending information in tenders)

Council has engaged Currie & Brown to project manage these works. If you have any questions about the Parramatta Road Urban Improvement Amenity Works in Auburn, please contact:

Barry MacGregor
Currie & Brown
P: (02) 9252 4420

Nitin Gurjar
Manager Assets & Construction
P: (02) 8757 9595

Proudly funded by the NSW Government.

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