Smart Places Strategy and Action Plan

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Smart places concept with different icon and elements. Modern city design with future technology for living,Cumberland City Council are creating our first Smart Places Strategy and Action Plan, which will be focused on the needs of the community and the organisation.

What is a smart place?

Cumberland are seeking to work with the community, industry and Government to design a smart place and community that services our streets, neighbourhoods and the wider Cumberland area. This will be achieved by integrating technology into our environment to provide benefits to our community.

This will be done through:

- Considering the purpose and future vision of our places;

- Working with our community to identify smart solutions and realising opportunities to future proof our city; and

- Test and trial different technologies and solutions that can be scaled and testes in different parts of our city.

Through our smart places journey, Cumberland City Council is looking to provide benefits to our businesses and people who live, work and play in our area by:

  1. Using technology to help grow skills and jobs;
  2. Creating spaces and places that are safe and secure;
  3. Increasing sustainability and environmental quality;
  4. Improving physical and digital access for the people of Cumberland, specifically equity and inclusion;
  5. Providing a better quality of life and wellbeing; and
  6. Brining people, businesses and government together to make informed decisions about services and infrastructure investment in Cumberland.


Cumberland as a Smart Place

Granville became a 'Smart Precinct' in 2020 as part of Cumberland's Smart Cities initiatives. This was funded from a Federal Government Grant of $500,000, with Council contributing a further $500,000.  Sensors were deployed in select areas of Granville with the following smart technology:

  • 80 on-road sensors along South Street and within the Granville library carpark and taxi rank on Russell Street to monitor traffic and parking usage.
  • 16 waste bin sensors located within the precinct town centre area to monitor waste generation and collection and impact on amenity and cleanliness within the precinct.
  • 14 cameras installed in the two council carparks within the Granville precinct to monitor car parking usage.
  • 2 environmental sensors to monitor temperature and humidity in two locations (one open space location and one built up location within the precinct)
  • 2 water stream sensors to monitor water movement within Duck Creek.
  • 9 sensors to monitor how people move within the precinct but do not capture images or private data.

Smart transport conceptSmart bench with solar power for phone charging

Smart agriculture conceptSmart bin


If you have any questions about this project, please contact:

Christopher Manoski
Senior Coordinator Place & Engagement
P: (02) 8757 9000

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