Smart Places Strategy and Action Plan

Smart Places Strategy Smart places strategy cover

What are smart places?

A Smart Place leverages data, innovation, and digital technology to enhance sustainability and mobility, promote vibrancy, and enable spaces to be used more effectively. We will be able to move around the city more easily, enhance our natural environment, and provide new opportunities for our community.

February 2024 update

The Smart Places Strategy and Action Plan has been adopted by Council.

July 2023 update:

Consultation on the Smart Places Strategy and Action Plan has closed.  Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

June 2023 consultation:

The Smart Places Strategy and Action Plan will build on Cumberland’s existing strengths, being our diverse community and infrastructure to explore smart place opportunities for our city. Cumberland’s objective of the strategy and action plan is to improve the lives of our residents, visitors, and others who experience our city. The strategy and action plan encourages collaboration with the community and aims to drive inclusion, innovation, and data exploration.

Cumberland as a Smart Place

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In 2022, Cumberland worked with our local community to develop the vision, principals and pathways for our smart places journey. As a result of these workshops and discussions, we developed these key points:

Cumberland’s Smart Places Vision

  • Cumberland is a leading smart place integrating innovation, technology, and data to enhance safety, connectivity, and accessibility.
  • Smart Places activity in Cumberland will drive sustainability and enable the region to be vibrant, attractive, and efficient. 
  • Cumberland as a smart place will promote inclusion and celebrate the city's rich diversity and unique context.

Cumberland’s Smart Places Principals

  • Inclusive and accessible                                              
  • Connected
  • People focused and user friendly
  • Sustainable
  • Safe and secure
  • Future proofed and innovative

Cumberland’s Smart Places Pathways

  • Smart Communities
  • Smart People
  • Smart Services
  • Smart Spaces
  • Smart Movement
  • Smart Economy

Person holding a lightbulb showcasing smart technology

Community Feedback Sessions

During the consultation period, we ran a series of community feedback sessions around Cumberland to allow the community to find out more information and to chat to one of our team members about the Smart Places Strategy and Action Plan.

Current Smart Places Projects

Read about some of our current smart technology projects

Granville Precinct

Council has already implemented a major smart monitoring and data collection system at the Granville precinct.

Smart sensors have been installed in public places to look at traffic movement and pedestrian flow in the Granville area.

This will assist Council in future planning decisions for town centres.

Parking in Cumberland

Park’nPay is in full swing with parking sensors installed at various locations across the LGA.

Council has worked with relevant partners to incorporate standards that enhance disability inclusion in smart technology.

Vacant parking spots can be seen in real time on the Park’nPay application, providing additional convenience and comfort when commuting.

Digital Literacy

We want to ensure our local senior citizens are updated on current and future digital technology trends.

Granville library offers courses to residents over 50 years old who want to improve their digital literacy skills and digital technology use.

Computer classes and digital learning drop-in sessions for seniors are also available at Auburn library with no bookings required.

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