Roberta Street Park Greystanes Oval Naming - Adopted by Council

Feburary 2024 update:

The naming of the oval on Roberta Street Park Greystanes has been adopted by Council on Wednesday 7 February 2024.

June 2023 update:

Consultation on the Roberta Street Park Greystanes oval naming has closed and has been adopted by Council. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback. 

May 2023 update:

Roberta Street Park Greystanes

Cumberland City Council is giving notification that at its meeting on Wednesday 19 April 2023, it resolved to engage the community on the proposed naming of the Roberta Street Park sportsfield to 'Tom Adams Oval' in honour of the late Thomas (Tom) Adams.

That Council:

  1. Propose to name the sporting field within Roberta Street Park in Greystanes, the ‘Tom Adams Oval’ in recognition of his dedication to the Greystanes Cricket Club and Parramatta District Cricket Association.
  2. Place the naming proposal on public exhibition for 28 days, with a report to be returned to Council following public exhibition.
  3. Subject to the outcome of public exhibition, install an interpretative panel commemorating the contributions of the late Tom Adams.

NOTE: Roberta Street Park will retain its name. It is proposed that the sportsfield within Roberta Street Park be named 'Tom Adams Oval'.

You can find out more about this on the May episode of the Cumberland Conversations Podcast, available for free on SpotifyGoogle PodcastApple Podcast or you can stream it below.

About Tom Adams

The late Thomas (Tom) Adams, was the long serving club treasurer and supporter of the Greystanes Cricket Club. Tom’s service to the Greystanes Cricket Club spanned more than 40 of the Club’s 50 years of existence. In 1987, the elite title of Life Member was awarded to Tom for his many years of dedication and service to the Club. Throughout his 40 years of service to the Club, Tom made a substantial contribution to both cricket and the administration of sport in the Cumberland Area. This includes his service to the Parramatta District Cricket Association, of which he was a life member, and to various roles on local park committees.

Together with his wife Shirley, Tom lived in Roberta Street Greystanes for 47 years. Sadly, Tom passed away in March 2021 aged 83 to an asbestos related disease. Up until his death, Tom was still actively committed to the Greystanes Cricket Club. Tom was described as "a true gentlemen, outstanding husband, father, mentor, community leader and friend." His contribution to his community improved the lives of many people in the Greystanes area and beyond.

In August 2022 the Greystanes Cricket Club unanimously resolved to support the naming of the sportsground as the ‘Tom Adams Oval’ in recognition of his contribution to cricket and sport more widely in the Greystanes community. The Club has consulted with Tom’s family, other users of Roberta Street Park and the Parramatta District Cricket Association, all of whom are supportive of this proposal. The proposal was presented to Cumberland City Council in April 2023.


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