Planning Proposal Request for 2 Bachell Avenue, Lidcombe

Information on Planning Proposal

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October 2020 Update:

The survey is now closed, and submissions are now being reviewed. Thank you to all who provided feedback.

September 2020 Consultation:

Cumberland Council invites you to have your say on a Planning Proposal for 2 Bachell Avenue, Lidcombe, which is on exhibition from Thursday 24 September 2020 to Thursday 22 October 2020.

The Planning Proposal seeks to facilitate redevelopment of the site by amending Auburn Local Environmental Plan 2010 as follows:

  • Introduce the B5 Business Development into the LEP and apply it to the subject site, which is currently zoned IN1 General industrial
  • Amend the site’s Floor Space Ratio control from 1:1 to 3:1
  • Apply a Height of Building control of 18m at the front of the site and 32 metres for the remainder of the site
  • Remove the Foreshore Building Line that applies to the site
  • Add ‘Office and Business Premises’ as an additional permitted use on the site
  • Apply a floor space cap of 7000m2 to the additional permitted uses.

We encourage you to view the exhibition material in the document library.

The documents are also available in hard copy at:

  • Lidcombe Library, 3 Bridge St, Lidcombe
  • Auburn Customer Service Centre and Library, 1 Susan Street, Auburn
  • Merrylands Customer Service Centre, 16 Memorial Avenue, Merrylands

During this community consultation period, the residents are encouraged to submit their comments on the proposal.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about this project, please contact:

Rondy Chan
Environment and Planning
P: (02) 8757 9908

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