Marrong Reserve Draft Plan of Management

Council has prepared a Draft Plan of Management for Marrong Reserve in Pemulwuy. The plan has been prepared within the legislative requirements of the Local Government Act 1993, and the Local Government (General) Regulation 2021, to support how the open space is managed into the future.

February 2024 update:

The Marrong Reserve Draft Plan of Management has been adopted by Council

August 2023 update:

Consultation on the proposed Marrong Reserve Draft Plan of Management has closed, and submissions are now being reviewed. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback. 

July 2023 consultation:

Marrong Reserve comprises land owned by Cumberland City Council which is classified as community land under the Local Government Act 1993. Community land is required to be categorised under the Local Government Act 1993 as either Natural Area, Park, Sportsground, Area of Cultural Significance or General Community Use. Cumberland City Council proposes to categorise Marrong Reserve as Natural Area - Bushland and Park.

Murrong Reserver Pemulwuy

Community land is also required to be included in a Plan of Management prepared under the Local Government Act. Community land must be used and managed according to a Plan of Management applying to the land. Community land is intended to be managed for use by the community for purposes including environmental protection, recreational, cultural, social and educational activities. Community land may only be leased or licensed for up to 21 years without the Minister’s consent or up to 30 years with the Minister’s consent, it cannot be sold, and its use is restricted to the purposes identified in the relevant category (e.g. Park, Natural Area – Bushland). The Plan of Management identifies all permissible uses and developments as well as permissible types of leases and licences.

As the Draft Plan of Management is site specific to Marrong Reserve the Draft Plan also includes a Landscape Masterplan and action plan which identifies existing and possible future works as well as action items such as bush regeneration works, connections to and from the reserve, culture and arts and general improvements.

We Thank You For Your Feedback

Council values the opinions and suggestions of the community, and would appreciated your thoughts on the Marrong Reserve Draft  Plan of Management.

Please see and download a copy of the Marrong Reserve Draft Plan of Management from our document library, to gain insight of our plan. 

Any questions?

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