Guildford Town Centre Public Domain Plan

Artist impression of Wentworthville Town CentreJune 2024 update:

Tthe Guildford Town Centre Public Domain Plan was adopted by Council at its meeting on 17 April 2024. The minutes of the meeting can be viewed on Council's website.

December 2023 update:

Consultation on the Guildford Town Centre Public Domain Plan has closed, and submissions are now being reviewed. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback. 

November 2023 consultation:

Council invites you to have your say on planning for the future of Guildford Town Centre.

The Guildford Town Centre Public Domain Plan has been prepared by Cumberland City Council to guide the delivery of consistently high-quality public realm to promote the revitalisation of Guildford Town Centre.

The Guildford Town Centre has been identified in the Cumberland 2030: Our Local Strategic Planning Statement as a Principal Local Centre that provides land use opportunities for housing and jobs, as well as services and facilities to meet the needs of the broader community.

We are seeking your feedback to understand the key priorities, aspirations and values of the local community. 

Now we want your feedback!

Council values the opinions and suggestions of the community, and would appreciate your input on the draft designs for Guildford Public Domain Plan.

We encourage you to view the draft designs for Guildford Public Domain Plan for review from our document library.

The consultation period runs from Monday 6 November 2023 to Tuesday 5 December 2023. During this community consultation period, residents are encouraged to provide feedback on the draft designs. Submissions are open until Tuesday 5 December 2023.

Find out more information

There will two pop up stalls for those interested in finding out more information about the Guildford Public Domain Plan.

To make a submission on this consultation:

Submissions for this consultation are to be made by 6pm Tuesday 5 December 2023.

  1. Complete an online submission below.
  2. Email your submission to
  3. Post your submission to The General Manager, Cumberland City Council, PO Box 42, Merrylands NSW 2160.

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Any questions?

If you have any questions about this work or the consultation materials, please feel free to reach out:

Frances Hamilton
Senior Landscape Architect and Urban Designer
P: (02) 8757 9516

Join the conversation and have your say!