Duck River Parklands - Draft Strategic Masterplan

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December 2022 update:

Council considered the Draft Strategic Masterplan for Duck River Parklands at the meeting on Wednesday 21 December 2022. The Draft Masterplan was adopted by Council. Details of the report can be found in the Council papers.

October 2022 update:

Consultation has closed on the planning proposal for the Duck River Parklands Draft Strategic Masterplan, and submissions are now being reviewed. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback.

September 2022 consultation:

The Draft Duck River Parklands Strategic Masterplan has been developed as part of the Metro Greenspace Grant Program to plan for key corridors to meet objectives of the Central City District Plan and Cumberland 2030: Our Local Strategic Planning Statement. 

The Duck River Parklands covers a range of recreational, environmental, and developable lands, and traverses through the suburbs of Clyde, Auburn, South Granville, and Chester Hill.  At a district level, the Duck River is identified as a key priority for the Green Grid within the Central City District Plan and is also the main tributary of the Parramatta River.  At a local level, the Duck River provides opportunities for access along its banks and environmental habitats, as well as open space for active and passive recreation. 

As a centrally located, green riparian corridor within the Local Government Area, our vision for the future Duck River Parklands is to promote this key green corridor as “A green heart for Cumberland City.”  

With this vision in mind, this strategic masterplan has planned for future community use, development and improved connections and environmental management of this key open space riparian area.    

Specific objectives of the strategic masterplan are to: 

  • Improve access to the Parklands for recreation 
  • Protect habitat and biodiversity 
  • Build on important cultural and heritage areas 
  • Strengthen integration of industry and economic activities within the corridor 

The strategic masterplan for the Parklands outlines a 20-year vision and is supported by an implementation plan to provide short-, medium- and long-term projects and initiatives to achieve this vision. Detailed work on these projects and initiatives is to be undertaken following community engagement and the adoption of the strategic masterplan. 

Council values the opinions and suggestions of the community, and would appreciate your thoughts on the strategic direction for the Duck River Parklands.  

We encourage you to download a copy of the draft strategic master plan for review from our document library.

During the community consultation period, residents were encouraged to submit their feedback. There were also a number of drop in sessions where community members could discuss the draft strategic masterplan and ask questions. Submissions were open from Wednesday 7 September until Wednesday 5 October 2022.

Information sessions

There were several drop in sessions held on Saturday 17 September, for community members stop by and share their thoughts:

During the community consultation period, community members were encouraged to submit their thoughts to Council on the following:

  • Vision: vision for the future and important ideas that should be considered in the Strategic Masterplan.
  • Themes: The key themes that guide the development of the parklands.
  • Challenges and opportunities: Problems and positive factors that need to be considered by Council in the future implementation of the strategic masterplan.
  • Other: Any other items that are of interest.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact:

Frances Hamilton
Senior Landscape Architect
P: (02) 8757 9928 

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