Draft Holroyd Gardens Park Plan of Management

Consultation Background

Consultation has concluded

A draft Plan of Management incorporating a Landscape Masterplan has been prepared within the legislative requirements of the Local Government Act 1993, to guide the future management and development of Holroyd Gardens Park in Holroyd.

A Plan of Management provides a coordinated framework for the day to day decision making, enhancement and management of the open space area and aims to integrate the vision and needs of the community and Council.

The study area for Holroyd Gardens Park has incorporated adjacent areas of associated open space including the heritage precinct, which runs alongside Brickworks Drive, as well as the A’Becketts Creek corridor.

Council’s objectives for the development of the Plan of Management are to:

  • Meet the legislative requirements for community land under the Local Government Act 1993
  • Identify relevant planning instruments
  • Identify appropriate categorisations for the study area
  • Incorporate site analysis, research and diagrammatic information
  • Clarify and prioritise how Council will manage the land, and how the current land may be developed
  • Incorporate feedback raised in consultation with stakeholders
  • Identify improvements, existing assets and maintenance requirements and provide a list of actions and priorities
  • Revise the parks southern boundary and connection to the Neil Street precinct

The draft Plan of Management has identified the following key priority actions as part of the consultative processes undertaken to date:

  • Continuation of the perimeter palisade fencing and screen planting along the new park frontage adjacent to the Sheffield Street extension with new main entry gates to allow pedestrian connectivity between the park and the Neil Street precinct.
  • Infill and re-turf surfaces fallen through landfill subsidence as well as drainage swales to facilitate the safe passage of pedestrians, particularly during events.
  • Extend and upgrade the existing path network to rationalise routes of pedestrian travel and to provide connection to the southern boundary.
  • Provide an outdoor fitness/exercise hub and upgrade the junior accessible playspace in consultation with the Touched by Olivia Foundation who have expressed interest in working with Council on this site.
  • Review the potential for small scale event use, Heritage Building 2 uses and issues relating to the unstructured use of wedding photography within the heritage precinct.
  • Upgrade the Merrylands Place entry area and investigate potential for small scale event use under the covered area.
  • Develop an integrated interpretation plan covering the heritage values of the former extraction pit and brickmaking structures which remain on the site.

If you have any questions regarding the draft Plan of Management, please contact Council’s Landscape Architect, Adam Ford on 8757 9626.