Merrylands Civic Square Proposed Name

Artist impression of finalised Merrylands Civic Square

New Merrylands Civic Space – Proposed Name ‘Dyin Ngurra’ (Women’s Place)

December 2023 update:

The proposed name was adopted at the meeting in November 2023. The minutes of the meeting can be viewed on the Council website.

October 2023 update:

The report from the Proposed Name Merrylands Civic Square consultation will be presented at the Council meeting on 1 November 2023.

July 2023 update:

Consultation on the Proposed Name for Merrylands Civic Square has closed and submissions are being reviewed. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.

June 2023 consultation:

Cumberland City Council is giving notification that at its meeting on Wednesday 7 June 2023, Council considered a Mayoral Minute to propose a name for the new Civic Square in the heart of Merrylands. The resolution was that Council:

  1. Propose to name the new Merrylands Civic Square “Dyin Ngurra” [prounced D-yin Na-gur-ra] (meaning Women’s Place).
  2. Place this proposal on public exhibition for 28 days, with a report to be returned to Council at the conclusion of consultation.
  3. Should no adverse submissions be received, undertake the following steps:
  • install a plaque in the Square that locally recognises the new name;
  • apply to the NSW Geographical Names Board to approve the name as the official designation for the Square
  • create an art installation for the Square that honours the past and ongoing contribution of notable and inspiring local women; and
  • insert into the 23-24 Operational Plan, the plaque and the design, development and public exhibition of a suitable art installation that reflects the proposed name of the Square, funded from the Merrylands Civic Square Project Fund.

As noted in the Mayoral Minute, this proposed naming was discussed at Council’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Committee (ATSIC) meeting on 25 May 2023, and was endorsed by the Committee as appropriate and welcome.

This proposal will be exhibited for a period of 28 days as resolved by Council. All submissions made to these policies will be made public and considered by Council.

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The proposed name “Dyin Ngurra” is a Darug word (prounounced D-yin Na-gur-ra) and means “Women’s Place”. It is proposed that this name would designate the Square as a place to acknowledge and honour remarkable local women who have made significant contributions to our area. 

Now we want your feedback!

Council values the opinions and suggestions of the community, and would appreciate your input on the proposed name for Merrylands Civic Square.

The consultation period runs from Monday 26 June 2023 to Monday 24 July 2023. During this community consultation period, residents are encouraged to submit their comments on the proposal. Anyone who wishes to provide feedback on the proposal must do so in writing by 6pm Monday 24 July 2023.

To Make A Submission on the Proposal:

Submissions concerning this proposal are to be made by 6pm Monday 24 July 2023.

NOTE: Submissions have now closed.

About the proposal

The Merrylands Civic Square project is now in its final stages, and will be shortly scheduled for a grand opening. Located in Merrylands Town Centre between McFarlane Street and Merrylands Road, the Square will be a new major public open space for people to meet, socialise, relax, celebrate and have fun.

A significant and joyful place like this deserves a distinctive name that speaks to the character of this local area.

“Dyin Ngurra”
(D-yin Na-gur-ra)
is the Dharug translation for Women’s Place

Our new Square can honour every local woman's contribution to the Cumberland area.


This will give the Square a unique identity as a living monument to all of our local women of this area.

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