Walking and Cycling in Cumberland


The Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy is a Strategic Planning document developed by Council based on Planning work undertaken and feedback received during early engagement.  The Draft Walking and Cycling Strategy identifies objectives for walking and cycling, 18 Active Transport Corridors, Actions related to the education, funding, and development of walking and cycling infrastructure within Cumberland, and a Route Prioritisation Tool.

A Walking and Cycling Strategy is needed to provide a consolidated approach to deliver walking and cycling networks across Cumberland. The Strategy is also consistent with the Strategic Goals in the Cumberland Community Strategic Plan and would support the implementation of the Cumberland Community Strategic Plan.

Further to the above, the development of a Walking and Cycling Strategy is in line with the State Government Initiative ‘Get NSW Active’.

Economic: Economic benefits for local businesses through increased opportunities from walkers and bike riders, as well as reduced transport costs for individuals and families.

Health: Health benefits to the community due to increased physical activity.

Environmental: Walking and cycling can reduce traffic congestion and pollution, making cities quieter, cleaner, healthier, and more livable.

Submissions received during Public Exhibition will help Council further refine the draft objectives, 18 Active Transport Corridors, Actions, and Prioritisation Tool in the Strategy.

Council will collate the submissions received during Public Exhibition and further refine the Draft Strategy. The Draft Strategy will then be reported to Council for final approval and adoption.