Pemulwuy roads, parks and reserve naming

The latest news about Pemulwuy roads parks and reserves naming

Public artwork in Pemulwuy

October 2022 update:

The roads, parks and reserve names have been officially assigned as shown on the subdivision plan below.  No changes were made following community consultation.

Proposed Pemulwuy subdivision

September 2022 update:

Consultation has closed on the naming of Pemulwuy roads, parks and reserves, and submissions are now being reviewed. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback.

August 2022 consultation:

A greenfield subdivision has been approved for Lot 2066 DP 1151368 Driftway Drive, Pemulwuy. This subdivision requires the naming of three (3) roads, two (2) parks and a reserve. Council has previously agreed that roads and parks (including reserves) in Pemulwuy to the west of Driftway Drive, will be named with Darug words.

Council’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consultative Committee has proposed the following names which have been endorsed by Council (3 August 2022) and the Geographical Names Board NSW for public exhibition. The meaning of each of these words is also provided below.





Black Snake

Raises awareness of local snakes common to the area.


Club, small

Alludes to the small road & cul-de-sac shape.


Brown Snake

Raises awareness of local snakes common to the area.


Thin, lean

The proposed linear park is thin & lean.


Cook, to

The small pocket park is proposed to include BBQ facilities.


Lizard, water dragon

Water Dragons inhabit Prospect Creek and their future upstream migration into the retention basin (holds water) is anticipated.

A locality map, and the subdivision plan with location of each new road, parks and reserves is provided in the image gallery. Note: Existing Driftway Drive will continue into the subdivision.

During this community consultation period, residents are encouraged to submit their feedback. The public exhibition period for these proposed road names will run from Monday 29 August 2022 to Monday 26 September 2022.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this project, please contact:

Rondy Chan
Acting Senior Strategic Planner
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