Lidcombe Public Domain Plan


The public domain represents all the streetscapes, parks and areas of open space that exist within the publicly-owned areas of Lidcombe Town Centre and the relationship between them. The public domain also includes privately-owned arcades, plazas, building forecourts, internal walkways, and other semi-public spaces as they also influence the overall character of the public domain. 

The Draft Lidcombe Town Centre Public Domain Plan has been developed to guide the delivery of consistently high-quality public realm to promote the revitalisation of Lidcombe Town Centre. 

This document sets out a Town Centre wide palette of streetscape treatments, including material palettes for surface treatments, street furniture, landscaping and finishes. It also provides guidelines and relevant information to assist developers and Council in undertaking public domain works within Lidcombe Town Centre. 

The Draft Lidcombe Town Centre Public Domain Plan establishes a framework of design principles to guide improvement of the public domain within the Centre.   

The main objectives are to: 

  • Promote design solutions that enhance the amenity and character of the Centre for residents, visitors, businesses, and other users. 
  • Provide upgraded connections for better access and improved pedestrian and vehicular network within the Centre.
  • Promote outdoor dining and street activation by improving pedestrian amenity and access to outdoor dining areas.  
  • Improve urban canopy and green cover to mitigate urban heat island effects. 
  • Encourage the development of spaces that are attractive, well-used, robust, and safe for all users. 
  • Encourage social interaction, a range of sensory experiences, and functionality through high-quality design.  
  • Promote the seamless integration of the public and private domains.  

No.  Council is seeking feedback form the Community to inform the final Public Domain Plan for the Lidcombe Town Centre. 

Community feedback is sought to determine if the proposed public domain improvements meet the expectations for Lidcombe now and into the future. The consultation provides you with the opportunity to comment on the design framework that guides the implementation of public domain works as well as provide suggestions for improvements and/or issues of concern presented by the Draft Public Domain Plan. 

Council will review all responses to the Draft Lidcombe Town Centre Public Domain Plan to inform the Final Public Domain Plan for Lidcombe Town Centre.   

The works outlined in the Public Domain Plan will be delivered by Council as part of its Capital Works Program, or by the private sector through areas of future development activity. 

There will be no net reduction in parking within the Lidcombe Town Centre.