Residential Parking Scheme Survey in Lidcombe


There is an annual administration fee of $11.40 per permit in the 2022/23 Financial year.

A Residential Parking Scheme aims to allow unrestricted on-street parking for residents and provides time restricted on-street parking for other users.

  • If you live within the Residential Parking Scheme area, you are eligible to apply for a parking permit.
  • A maximum of two permits per household, subject to availability of off-street parking, will be issued. Residents of high-density residential buildings constructed after the approval of the scheme are not eligible for a parking permit.

The parking permit allows you to park your vehicle conveniently, without the risk of parking violations related to exceeding signed time restrictions, within the designated resident parking scheme area.

All permits are valid for one year from the date of issue, after which a new application must be submitted.

Permits are only valid while you live within the Cumberland LGA and are location specific. This means you cannot park in other residential parking scheme areas without risking parking violations.

The term ‘vehicle’ does not cover a truck (vehicle greater than 4.5 tonnes GVM), bus, tram, caravan, trailer (including boat trailers) or tractor.

Permits will only be issued to eligible residents. Visitors of residents risk parking violations if they exceed signed time restrictions.

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