Public Electric Vehicle Charging Policy and Guideline

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Latest updates about the Public Electric Vehicle Charging Policy and Guideline

July 2024 Update:

As no adverse submissions were received, the Public Electric Vehicle Charging Policy and Guideline was adopted by exception.

All council policy documents can be found on the council website.

June 2024 update:

The Draft Public Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Policy and supporting Guideline consultation has closed, and submissions are now being reviewed. Thank you to everyone who submitted feedback. 

May 2024 consultation:

Council has a Draft Public Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Policy and supporting Guideline currently on public exhibition, and we would like to get your feedback.

The two documents being reviewed are:

These policies will be exhibited for a period of 28 days as resolved at the 1 May 2024 Council meeting.

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Policy overview

With the progression of the draft Smart Places Strategy and Action Plan, a key action is to progress investigations on electric vehicle charging in Cumberland.

Based on the 2021 Census, a total of over 60,000 vehicles are registered at privately occupied dwellings in the Cumberland LGA. While only a small proportion of these vehicles are battery-operated EVs (around 900 vehicles in March 2024), this figure is projected to increase over time. The growing proportion of EVs will require the provision of appropriate charging infrastructure.

The Draft Policy and supporting Guideline on EV charging infrastructure aligns with Council’s Community Strategic Plan, Smart Places Strategy and Action Plan, as well as the NSW Government’s Electric Vehicle Strategy.

Figure 1: Map of EV Charging Infrastructure in Cumberland

Draft Public Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Policy

This Policy is to control and regulate the placement and management of electric vehicle charging infrastructure within the Cumberland City Council Local Government Area.

The principal purpose of this policy and supported guideline document is to outline the criteria for the allocation, provision, installation, and management of public EV charging infrastructure on selected Council owned and managed land in the Cumberland City Council Local Government Area (LGA).

This policy and guideline apply to publicly accessible electric vehicle charging infrastructure installed on public land owned or managed by Council including on and off-street parking, whether installed by Council or by Third-Party private operators. It establishes a strategic framework for the provision of public electric vehicle charging infrastructure across Cumberland City Council for our community. 

Draft Public Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Guideline

The purpose of this Guideline is to deliver a clear and transparent document for the determination of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure installed on public land within the Local Government Area (LGA) as well as to facilitate a fit-for-purpose network of public EV charging stations that provide equitable access for our community.

This Guideline and associated policy apply to publicly accessible EV charging infrastructure installed on public land owned or managed by Council including on and off-street parking, whether installed by Council or by third party private operators. It establishes a framework for the provision of public electric vehicle charging infrastructure across Cumberland City for our community. 

Have Your Say

Council values community feedback, and would appreciate your input on the Public Electric Charging Policy and Guideline.

We encourage you to download a copy of the relevant documents for review from our document library.

The consultation period runs from  Monday 20 May 2024 to Tuesday 18 June 2024. During this community consultation period, residents are encouraged to submit their comments on the draft policies. Anyone who wishes to provide feedback on the proposal must do so in writing by 5pm Tuesday 18 June 2024.

To Make A Submission on the Public Electric Vehicle Charging Policy and Guideline:

Submissions concerning the above are to be made by 5pm Tuesday 18 June 2024

There are three ways you can lodge a submission:

  1. Complete an online submission below.
  2. Email your submission to
  3. Post your submission to The General Manager, Cumberland City Council, PO Box 42, Merrylands NSW 2160.

NOTE: Submissions have now closed.

Any questions?

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