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  • Review of laws for residential land lease communities

    Have Your Say on a review of residential land leases in NSW.

    There are more than 35,000 people living in over 500 residential land lease communities across NSW.

    In a residential land lease community, you own the home you live in, but lease the land from the community operator.

    The NSW Government is reviewing the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Act 2013. These laws cover permanent sites in caravan and residential parks and set out the rights and responsibilities of residents and operators.

    This is a standard review that happens five years after laws are first introduced to see how well they are working. Your feedback will help make sure the laws are still appropriate for people living and working in residential communities and that they are fair for everyone.

    For more information about the review, read the discussion paper.

    On their website you will find futher information, a Quick Poll, a Survey, and an opportunity to Share Your Thoughts on the proposed changes, as well as an opportunity to Upload a Submission.

    Feedback and submissions are open until 5pm, 26 February 2021.