What is the Local Housing Strategy?

    Local housing strategies are prepared by councils, in consultation with their community, to detail how and where housing will be provided in local areas over time.

    Early consultation on housing issues was undertaken as part of the public exhibition of Cumberland 2030: Our Local Strategic Planning Statement. The outcomes of that consultation have informed the development of the draft Cumberland Local Housing Strategy.

    The draft Strategy identifies a vision and key priorities with supporting objectives and actions, and defines our land use planning approach to deliver housing supply for Cumberland. The draft Strategy aligns with the Central City District Plan and Cumberland 2030: Our Local Strategic Planning Statement.

    How is the Local Housing Strategy related to the Central City District Plan?

    The Central City District Plan prepared by the Greater Sydney Commission guides the growth and development of this district, which includes Cumberland City. The Plan requires each Central City council to develop housing targets to guide short, medium, and long-term housing growth. Specifically, it requires us to demonstrate how we will deliver and develop 5 and 10 year dwelling targets for Cumberland City, and contribute to the 20 year strategic dwelling target for the Central City District.

    The draft Local Housing Strategy will play an important role in planning for new housing opportunities in Cumberland City, to meet demand generated by continued strong population growth.

    Why is Council preparing a Local Housing Strategy?

    Cumberland is experiencing continued strong growth. It is estimated that Cumberland will require a housing supply of between 28,000 to 28,500 additional dwellings over the 20 year period between 2016 and 2036. This supply provides an important contribution to the housing target of 207,500 for the Central City District, and complements housing supply targets for other council areas in the District. The draft Local Housing Strategy seeks to ensure this growth occurs in a manner that is appropriate for our local community.

    How is Affordable Housing addressed?

    The draft Strategy identifies a range of opportunities to address the issue of affordable housing in Cumberland City. This spectrum includes initiatives ranging from incentives for housing providers to direct provision of affordable housing. Council will continue to work with government, industry and community members to progress further opportunities for affordable housing in the area.

    How will new housing be delivered?

    The delivery of new housing in Cumberland City will be influenced by a range of factors, including broader economic conditions, market demand, development feasibility, and infrastructure provision.

    The draft Strategy supports the strategic framework for centres and corridors identified in Cumberland 2030: Our Local Strategic Planning Statement. Our centres and corridors offer high frequency public transport services, access to amenities and proximity to shops and services making them suitable for new housing.

    Will the Strategy rezone any land?

    The Local Housing Strategy will not directly change the zoning of land or principal land use planning controls of the proposed Cumberland Local Environmental Plan (LEP). Council will undertake a range of actions, and progress further work on reviewing the planning controls for our strategic centres, precincts and corridors, to deliver a pipeline of diverse housing mix and form.

    Opportunities for future housing outside identified areas that are initiated by landholders may also be presented during the life of the Cumberland Local Housing Strategy. Initial proposals will be considered through a strategic assessment process and, if supported, a detailed planning proposal would be prepared for further community consultation and consideration by Council.