Community Feedback on Cumberland’s Heritage List – Stage 2

Have your say on potential new additions to the Cumberland Heritage List

Historic houseAugust 2021 update:

The Early Consultation for this project has now closed. Updates regarding this project will be posted here when available. Click on the 'Follow Project' button at the top right of this page in order to receive notifications of project updates.

What's happening?

Cumberland City Council is seeking early feedback on potential new heritage items (i.e. buildings and places) and conservation areas for Cumberland City.

As part of the recent Cumberland Heritage Study, a number of properties, sites, and areas across the Cumberland City were identified for their unique heritage characteristics and we’re currently exploring the possibility of adding these sites to the Cumberland Heritage List. These include over 60 potential heritage items, four potential heritage conservation areas, and one potential extension of an existing heritage conservation area.

On 21 April 2021, Council resolved to proceed with early community consultation on these potential new additions to Cumberland’s Heritage List. The feedback from this consultation will inform the preparation of a Planning Proposal to amend the Heritage List in the Cumberland Local Environmental Plan.

Consultation Materials

On this webpage, you can find dedicated information sheets for each of the heritage items and conservation areas that are being considered for addition to the Cumberland Heritage List. Each of the dedicated information sheets is listed and linked below and on the right, and provides:

  • Details about the item or area
  • Why the item or area is important and significant in Cumberland City’s history
  • A map depicting the location and extent of the item or area

A summary table of all the potential new heritage items and conservation areas can be found in the document library

More Information

For further information about what heritage listing is and what it means, please refer to:

If you are curious about the process and work of the Cumberland Heritage Study, you can review the Report to Council here: Cumberland Heritage List – Outcomes of Heritage Study and Next Steps.

If you are curious to review the existing items and areas that are already listed on the Cumberland Heritage List, please head over to Council’s heritage webpage.

If you are curious to review existing heritage listings across New South Wales, the state government has a great interactive map tool that allows you to explore the locations of heritage items across the state. 

01 Potential New Heritage Items







Mays Hill


South Wentworthville



02 Potential New Heritage Conversation Areas

03 Potential Extension to Existing Conversation Area