What is a Free Parking Agreement?

    Section 650 of the Local Government Act 1993 allows private landowners to apply to their local council to enter into free parking area agreement in respect of their land. Under these agreements the area is put under council control with the council enforcing parking restrictions on the land in the same way that parking restrictions may be enforceable in all councils’ public free parking areas.

    Why would Council enter into a Free Parking Agreement?

    Under the current arrangement, traffic offences in the free parking area at Stockland Mall cannot be dealt with. These offences include parking over pedestrian crossings, across safety barricades, outside of marked bays and double parking.

    Entering a Free Parking Agreement would allow Council to improve public safety by enforcing traffic rules.

    Will the free parking still be available?

    Yes, the free parking area at Stockland Mall, Merrylands will remain as all-day free parking.

    Are any changes proposed for the paid parking area?

    There are no changes for the paid parking area past the boomgates at Stockland Mall as part of this proposal.

    What is 'Operational' land?

    Under Section 25 of the Local Government Act 1993, all land under Council control must be classified as either 'Community' or 'Operational'.

    Land that is classified as operational generally have commercial or operational functions or are retained as strategic investments.