Civic Park and Pendle Creek Wetland Masterplan


Pendle Creek and constructed wetlands are an important feature of Civic Park and should be integrated in any plans for the park.


An updated master plan will provide clear direction for the future of the park and ensure that new facilities are sited in a rational and logical fashion.


The Masterplan will be prepared in accordance with the current Plan of Management for Civic Park, Pendle Hill.

Informed by survey responses, the draft Landscape Masterplan will be completed in mid-2020.


The construction phase will be delivered in at least two stages, mindful of resource allocation. The first stage will focus on improvements to the creek and wetland, and is expected to commence in late 2020. Future stages will address the park and open space.

The monument will remain the same, however as part of the Landscape Master Plan, Council is proposing general improvements to the Civic space surrounding the monument. These improvements would include the removal or reconfiguration of walls, new paving, furniture and planting. 


Cumberland City Council has engaged directly with representatives from the Maltese Community and the wider Pendle Hill Community to ensure the space will be suitable for as many park users as possible.

Yes, Council is proposing to replace the lighting at Civic Park as part of the Landscape Master Plan. The lighting is proposed for the carparks, footpaths and other active areas in the park and will be designed in accordance with Australian Standards. 


As the lighting location and types have not yet been finalised, they have been left out of the Draft Landscape Master Plan

In keeping with the existing character of Civic Park, the planting shown in the Draft Landscape Master Plan is predominantly trees and low grasses. A lot of the greenery shown is from tree canopies overhead (either from existing or proposed trees) and would not obscure lines of sight.