Bush Fire Management and Bush Fire Prone Lands in Cumberland

December 2020 Update:

Consultation has now closed on bush fire management and bush fire prone lands in Cumberland.

The bush fire maps outlined in Section 2 were adopted by Council at the meeting on 2 December 2020. You can view the Council minutes here.

November 2020 Consultations:

The summer bush fires across NSW and other Australian states in 2019/20 were unprecedented in scale. The area burnt in NSW exceeded 5,000,000 hectares. More than 2,600 homes, and many more outbuildings, were damaged or lost and more than 20 people died. These impacted communities are still recovering months later. Cumberland City has drafted a searchable bush fire prone lands map which will improve bush fire safety and ensure future planning and development activities on identified properties consider fire risks.

Council sought feedback on the following two bush fire related sections in November 2020.

Section 1: Pemulwuy and Greystanes Bush Fire Management Plan

Cumberland Mayor viewing bushfire effected lands

In Cumberland, there was a large grass fire in the Pemulwuy and Greystanes area in December 2019. Following the fire, Council worked with the NSW Rural Fire Service to:

  • clear the area
  • mow the land, and
  • remove unhealthy and dead trees
  • at all the access points and tracks and in a 5m band in the area behind houses in Munro Street, Daruga Avenue, Hyland Road and Alpha Road.

These fires exposed Council staff and residents to risks and threats never previously encountered. In response, Council commenced planning to address hazards and mitigate further threats to the Greystanes and Pemulwuy community.

Council engaged Eco Logical Australia to prepare the draft Bush Fire Management Plan for the Pemulwuy and Greystanes community.

This plan proposes a risk-based hazard management approach to reduce the potential effect of bush fires on life and property within Pemulwuy and Greystanes whilst continuing conservation of natural biodiversity, landscape, visual amenity and water quality.

The Bush Fire Management Plan provides advice for the establishment of bush fire management zones that will enable:

  • the effective application of the strategies, and
  • appropriate hazard reduction activities
  • to avoid detrimental impacts on species, communities, populations and culturally significant assets in a 5 year works schedule in Section 7 of the Plan.

All feedback will be considered in a report to Council for final adoption of the Bush Fire Management Plan.

Section 2: Cumberland Bush Fire Land Mapping

Trees along fenceline in Pemulwuy and Greystanes bushfire management area

Bush Fire Prone Land is an area of land that can support a bush fire or is likely to be subject to bush fire attack.

Cumberland City Council is taking steps to reduce bush fire risk, particularly in areas like Pemulwuy and Greystanes, which were impacted by fires in December 2019. Council has prepared draft Bush Fire Prone Land maps to protect the community from risk of bush fire and to inform future development activity in Cumberland City.

Council is encouraging residents to have their say on maps for bush fire-prone areas in selected locations in:

  • Greystanes
  • Pemulwuy
  • Everly Park and Auburn Golf Course
  • Campbell Hill Pioneer Reserve
  • Prospect Creek Corridor.

Council has prepared these maps in line with the NSW Rural Fire Service guidelines. The preparation of draft bush fire prone land maps would ensure that future planning and development activities on identified properties appropriately consider fire risks. The maps will also better equip the NSW Rural Fire Service to carry out hazard reduction burns, increase maintenance works, clear fire trails and ultimately reduce risk to property and people.

By taking these steps, Council is helping to build resilience from bush fires through strengthening local planning instruments.

Is my property affected?

Council's searchable Bush Fire Prone Lands Map has identified properties in Pemulwuy, Greystanes and some locations around Everley Park, Auburn Golfcourse, Campbell Hill Pioneer Reserve and along the Prospect Creek Corridor.

We encourage you to read the 'How to use map search' guide to help you use the mapping tool.

To find out more, read our FAQ, Rural Fire Service's 'Guide for Bush Fire Prone Land Mapping' or visit NSW Rural Fire Service website.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact:

Cumberland City Council
P: (02) 8757 9000
E: council@cumberland.nsw.gov.au